Suzy Kirkaldy Portraits

Two Weimeranas

These fine art pastel portraits are drawn to commission, using only top quality art materials (see 'Orders' for details of quoting and ordering).

The artist's many years of experience have convinced her that chalk pastels are the supreme medium to use for excellent representation in portraiture; containing as they do pure pigments, full of light and clarity, able to depict not only the softness of a child's skin but also the robust fur of an animal - the brightness of an eye or the tip of a shiny black nose.

Suzy at her easel

Internationally renowned artist Suzy Kirkaldy can produce portraits of your favourite person (or a group), your cat, dog, horse or other pet. See some of her portraits in pastel here, as well as dog pictures, horse pictures (equine portraits), cat portraits. Since she works mainly from photos you could give a pet portrait as a present, regardless of where in the world you live.
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