Suzy Kirkaldy Portraits - About the Artist

Christian Ministry

I received Jesus Christ as my Saviour and Lord in 1975 and out of a thankful heart have sought ways to serve Him and be a blessing to a hurting world. A ministry that I have been involved with since 1997 is State School Chaplains. As an ordinary believer, with my church’s commendation and a week of Assessment and Training under my belt, I was able to begin this work in an Intermediate School in South Auckland.

As a Chaplain in a state school I am part of the support resources for the children, their families and the staff of the school. I have the privilege of helping them with their problems and encouraging them to enter into the very best that God has planned for them. Since few children now come from Christian homes where Godly principles are taught and practiced, it is important to be able to introduce children to the concepts of Truth – especially in the area of their own identity and purpose in life - and to plant that truth firmly in their hearts, thus giving them a standard by which to judge all things, and a sense of security to know that they are purposed, known and loved by the Creator of the Universe.

Anyone reading this who would like to know more about the ministry of State School Chaplains, can contact Churches Education Commission, 75 Taranaki Street, Wellington. Phone: 04-384-3587.

Usana Health Sciences

Mission Statement: “To develop and provide the highest quality, science-based health products, distributed internationally through network marketing, creating a rewarding financial opportunity for our independent Associates, shareholder, and employees.”

Our modern world is full of health hazards, including the toxins in our foods and soils, our water, solar rays, and even the air we breathe. Degenerative diseases, such as heart disease, cancers and diabetes, once only found among old people, are now being found manifesting even in our children. Fast foods, preservatives, pesticides, herbicides, etc., together with depleted levels of trace elements and minerals in our exhausted soils, are causing the breakdown of our bodies’ immune systems and thus opening the door to disease.

To combat these attacks on our health, Usana has created a range of high quality nutritional supplements to provide for the dietary needs of the human body, and to provide broad-spectrum antioxidant protection to counteract free radical damage.

Suzy and Micky Kirkaldy are Associates with Usana Health Sciences, and have the privilege of providing not only these hugely beneficial health products to our family and friends, but also sponsoring others into a business that offers the following:

* A clear and elevating mission to help improve the quality of life
* The finest quality products or services in the industry it serves
* An environment that fosters empowerment
* The opportunity to succeed on one’s own merits and efforts
* And, finally, a growth opportunity that is soundly capitalised, with staying power, resources, and integrity weighted before profit as the ultimate bottom line.

To find out more about Usana - the Company, the people, the products and the opportunities, check out the website or . To order the products or to discuss sponsorship into the company, email us on .

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